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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day!!!

Well another Valentine's Day come and gone. One of the better ones I guess. I spent it with my Soul Mate. He wrote me this sweet thing about the ten things he loves about me. I gave him the idea in hopes that he would use it and he did. I am happy about that.
We had spaghetti for dinner. We did not do the "Lady And The Tramp." Maybe next time. We also had ice cream. He got me Twix Ice Cream. I never had it before tonight. It was real good. I will definitely be having more in the days and weeks to come.
He also got me a whole of Puzzle Books. I love them and they should keep me entertained for awhile. He even got me a nurse's outfit. Since I do nurse type duties. I can't wait to wear it. I will wear it tomorrow. We also watched the Family Guy Movie. I loved it. Very funny!
He is sleeping right now. We did do any of that dirty stuff. That was the only wrong part. He is in bed earlier than normal too. No matter how great it was, it had it's flaws too. But all in all, it was my best V Day in a long time. I would not have wanted to spend it with anyone else.....


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